Writing a job description for a pastor

It makes the implicit importance of this role explicit to everyone involved. A key to a growing church is to create sustained effort in a small number of directions and job descriptions help keep people focused on those few things. Take time to show how this role connects to the big picture.

Writing a job description for a pastor

At that time, preaching and worship planning took first place with pastoral care as a close second.

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Then as the church grew over the years and needs changed, my job description changed too. Preaching and worship planning remain a primary focus for me, but now with more staff, my responsibilities for leadership and administration have grown, while some of the pastoral care has shifted to other staff members.

Having a good job description has benefited both me and the church in clarifying responsibilities and moving forward together. So what makes a good job description?

writing a job description for a pastor

How often should a job description be updated and how? For a hilarious and inspiring intro, take a look at the following video. Then keep reading for my Top Ten Tips about job descriptions.

So what part do you play in this global and intergalactic enterprise? A good job description can help bring focus to your unique role and responsibilities. Here are my Top Ten Tips. What makes a good job description? For a full-time pastoral position, think 45 hours a week, or units of time where a unit is a morning or afternoon or evening of hours each.

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List the essential responsibilities or tasks. At the same time, be sure to list enough so priorities and expectations are clear. If the expectation includes leading weekly youth meetings, then specify weekly. Develop, coordinate, lead, preach, supervise, and other action words help set a positive tone and direction.

Who does the staff person report to? Will there be monthly council reports, an annual report to the congregation, or other expectations? Each staff person in your church or Christian organization needs their own job description.

And each job description needs to be part of the big picture of your purpose and mission. For example, in my congregation, Anabaptist theology and principles are part of our core values, so each of our staff job descriptions includes this in some way. Whenever the job title, responsibilities, or work hours change.General Description.

The Associate Pastor is the primary support person for the Senior Pastor in the performance of his sermon planning and weekly speaking duties as well as outreach and missions duties, normally performed by an Outreach Pastor. Obviously there are a number of different approaches to writing a job description.

I have seen many, especially since becoming an Executive Pastor. In the church job descriptions tend to contain information that I don’t believe should be in a job description.

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A pastor's aide committee provides support to the pastor of a church and his family in all areas of their lives. They are usually made up of a small group of members of the church, and they take on a detailed list of duties to complete their job.

An effective job description is an integral ingredient of your staff relationship, establishing the what, how, and why of your position in a clear, concise format.

writing a job description for a pastor

A JOB DESCRIPTION SHOULD INCLUDE: Purpose: State the overall objective of the position clearly and concisely, including why the position exists.

Nov 14,  · The average salary for a Worship Pastor is $42, Visit PayScale to research worship pastor salaries by city, experience, skill, employer and more. The Southern Baptist pastor’s main job is to minister to his church community through the use of sermons, worship and music.

The pastor must plan weekly sermons that capture the essence of .

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