Unplugged mobile phone and portable music

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Unplugged mobile phone and portable music

The portable integrator receives and provides input and output signals from both the audio delivery device and the two-way communication device, thereby enabling a user to listen to music or other audio material and receive and place phone calls on a mobile phone simultaneously.

The portable integrator provides these services by switching between the audio and communication devices, mixing signals received therefrom, and optionally enabling a user to reduce the volume or mute the signals as desired. Provisional Patent Application No.

The Field of the Invention This invention relates to integrating electronic devices and, more particularly, to novel systems and methods for integrating services provided by personal music players and mobile phones.

Background and Relevant Art The use of mobile telephones and other wireless communication devices has increased dramatically in recent years. Some companies have attempted to integrate music players and mobile two-way communication devices into single devices. While integration may reduce the number of devices a user is required to carry, a user may unnecessarily discard devices that are still fully functional, incurring unnecessary expense.

With respect to music players and mobile phones, various conflicts may arise when attempting to operate independent devices simultaneously. For example, users may listen to portable music players while exercising, traveling, working, relaxing, and performing like activities.

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However, users may desire to simultaneously place and receive phone calls, activities that may be inherently difficult to perform while listening to music or other audio material.

For example, a user may be unable to hear a phone ring while listening to music using headphones, earphones, or the like. Moreover, if a user is able to accept a call, the user may be required to remove headphones, reduce the volume of or mute a music player, pick up a mobile phone handset, or like actions, in order to accept or place a call.

This may be an Unplugged mobile phone and portable music clumsy process. What is needed is apparatus and methods for users to simultaneously accept and place phone calls using a mobile phone or other two-communication device while listening to music, or other audio material using an independent audio delivery device.

What is further needed is apparatus and methods to integrate the services of substantially any arbitrary two-way communication device with substantially any arbitrary music or audio delivery device. An apparatus in accordance with the invention may include a first electrical connector connected to receive a first audio signal from a substantially arbitrarily selectable audio delivery device, such as an MP3, CD, DVD, radio, or other media player.

A second electrical connector may be connected to receive a second audio signal from a substantially arbitrarily selectable two-way communication device, such as a mobile phone, or a two-way radio such as a walkie-talkie, citizen band radio e.

A coupling device independent from the audio and two-way communication devices may be connected to receive the first and second audio signals. A third audio signal comprising at least one of the first and second audio signals may be transmitted from the coupling device to an acoustic device, such as headphones, earphones, speakers, or the like to convert the third audio signal to an acoustic wave having an audio range corresponding to a hearing range of a user.

In certain embodiments, a switch may be connected to the apparatus to enable a user to selectively switch between the first and second audio signals to provide the third audio signal to the acoustic device.

In other embodiments, a mixer may be connected to the apparatus to mix the first and second audio signals to create the third audio signal. In selected embodiments, the apparatus may include a microphone connected to transmit a voice signal of a user to the two-way communication device.

Thus, the two-way communication device may be located away from the face of the user. The apparatus may also include a volume controller connected to selectively control the volume of at least one of the first and second audio signals.

In certain embodiments, the volume controller may control the first audio signal e. In selected embodiments, the apparatus may employ electrical wiring to route the audio signals and the voice signal to and from the coupling device. A switch, selectively operable by a user, may be used to connect at least two of the second audio signal wire, the voice signal wire, and a ground wire, to activate a function of the two-way communication device.

Unplugged mobile phone and portable music

For example, if the two-way communication device is a mobile phone, the switch may be used to trigger a function of the mobile phone such as a mute command, a call connect command, a call disconnect command, voice-activated dialing, a command to call the last number dialed, and the like.

The coupling device may contain any or all of the hardware previously described including but not limited to the microphone, the switches, the mixer, and the volume controller. In selected embodiments, the audio signal from the two-way communication device may be characterized by a threshold value.

The second audio signal may be accorded priority relative to the first audio signal originating from the audio delivery device. Thus, the second audio signal may interrupt the first audio signal upon reaching the threshold value.

Understanding that these drawings depict only typical embodiments of the invention and are, therefore, not to be considered limiting of its scope, the invention will be described with additional specificity and detail through use of the accompanying drawings in which: Thus, the description herein is not intended to limit the scope of the invention, but is merely representative of certain presently preferred embodiments of devices and systems in accordance with the invention.

Those of ordinary skill in the art will, of course, appreciate that various modifications to the details herein may easily be made without departing from the essential characteristics of the invention, as described. Thus, the following information is intended only by way of example, and simply illustrates certain presently preferred embodiments consistent with the invention.

The electrical connectors 12, 14 may vary according to the device. For example, an audio device 16 may require a jack 12 having specific dimensions and with a specified number of contact points. Likewise, a connector 14 may connect to a particular communication device The connectors 12, 14 may be modified as needed to adapt to other devices 16, The connectors 12, 14 may be adapted to receive and provide signals 13, 15, 17 from the devices 16, For example, the connector 12 may simply receive an audio signal 13 from the audio device The signal 13 may be a monophonic, stereophonic, or like representation of an audio signal Likewise, the connector 14 may receive an audio signal 15 from the communication device In addition, the connector 14 may provide a voice signal 17, or other input signal 17, to the communication device 18 from a user thereof or other outside source.SCH-R PORTABLE DUAL-BAND MOBILE PHONE User Manual Please read this manual before operating your phone, and keep it for future reference.

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Unplugged mobile phone and portable music

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