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Contacts Large corporations vs. The impact of Walmart on Mom and Pop Business The existence of large-scale enterprises or their establishment attracts different kind of reactions and interpretation on the effects they have on the small businesses found in their locale. The former has been presumed to deprive the latter market for its products and consequently resulting to deterioration of Mom and Pop businesses activities in the area.

Sample term paper topics

This discipline covers not only manufacturing processes, but support processes that add value to the product or service as well as the management of the entire supply chain.

There are a number of ways that organizations can streamline their operations to meet the demands of today's marketplace. However, for these to have any significant or lasting effect, they must be done within a coordinated strategy for both short and long-term organizational effectiveness.

There are a number of tools and techniques that can be used by managers to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of business operations. These include lean manufacturing, total quality management, and business process reengineering strives to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the various processes within an organization.

Operations Management Overview Business organizations exist to provide something of value to their stakeholders. For stockholders, this may mean profitability and return on investment.

For employees, this may mean job security and a wage that is at or above industry standards. For distributors and suppliers, this may mean sufficient commerce to keep their own operations going.

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To meet these disparate objectives, organizations need to be able to offer a product or service of value to the customer, whether it is light-weight running shoes, steel rivets, or consulting services.

Operations management comprises those areas of management that are concerned with productivity, quality, and cost in the operations function i. Business operations include any processes that transform any inputs such as labor, capital, materials, and energy into products and services that are of value in the marketplace.

Operations management draws from multiple disciplines in order to optimize the effectiveness of operations within the organization. Operations management is more than an emphasis on manufacturing processes.

There are many activities within an organization that add value to the end product or service but that do not directly provide goods or services to the customer.

For example, the accounting department adds value to the organization's activities by making sure that the employees, distributors, and suppliers are all paid promptly and accurately. Human resources also supports business operations by developing and implementing policies and procedures that ensure that employees are treated fairly and are motivated to use their skills and talents in helping the business become a high performing organization.

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In addition, operations management is not only concerned with the operations within the single organizational entity, but also of the smooth and efficient operations of the entire supply chain. This is the network of organizations involved in the production, delivery, and sale of a product.

The supply chain may include suppliers, manufacturers, storage facilities, transporters, and retailers. The supply chain includes the flow of tangible goods and materials, funds, and information between the organizations in the network, all of which adds value to the product or service being offered to the customer.

Historically, operations management focused on providing the highest possible quality for the lowest possible price. Increasingly, however, customers are also demanding greater product variety, short life cycles, and other qualities that require organizations to more closely examine their operations for ways to better meet the needs of the marketplace.Mar 30,  · There are many education related sites which include good term paper tips, free sample term papers, college term paper examples and a list of the best term paper topics popular in High School, College and University (either it is Undergraduate, Graduate, Master's or MBA academic level).

Sample term paper topics

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Jan 26,  · All sample topics term paper international conflicts, which are listed here are selected by considering these 4 points. International Conflict is an actual or perceived opposition of values, needs, and interests among the nations.

Sample term paper topics

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The type of term paper topic you choose will depend on which class you are taking. For most of your classes, you will look at historical as well as current events.

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For instance, in a class covering China, you may choose to write a paper on the Tiananmen Square protests, or in an American Government class, you could cover recent changes in.

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