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Employers with 50 or more full-time equivalent employees are required to complete a transmittal form B or C containing information about the employer and an employee form B or C for each full-time employee. Forms must be filed with the Internal Revenue Service annually. Failure to file, filing late, or if you do not file all required forms will leave you subject to significant penalties. ACA Reporting is a software application that makes the process of gathering, maintaining, and generating the necessary information returns uncomplicated and trouble-free.

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ProTitleUSA is a nationwide Title Search and Analysis company, providing its customers with the highest level of Title services in all areas of the real estate market. One company, nationwide coverage, both commercial and residential title work, equals increased productivity.

As a leading Title Search services provider, our advanced technology allows you to order title securely over the internet or secure API, and conveniently view the order status and documentation. This saves you valuable time and money. Our one mission, to provide the best possible service at the lowest possible cost with highest quality, has allowed us to help our clients grow and prosper.

ProTitleUSA operates out of 4 branches: We only require an address of the property as a starting point. We have high level of automation to partition the daily work load by our research facilities.

The overflow of the work is going to highly experienced and licensed in-county abstractors which we selected in the course of many years for their accuracy and turn time.

We have a working relationship with a Nationwide Title companies for Title Insurance, Title Commitments on both residential and commercial assets. We have been working together for a number of years. ProTitleUSA have been working with a number of servicers to help to cure as well as negotiate the payoff for title liens against the property.

We work with over 1, US-based searchers across the county that work in county offices every day and guarantee us the accuracy and quickest turnaround time on the market. Our average turnaround time per residential Title order is business hours.

In fact, ProTitleUSA considered being the most accurate and fastest Title Company to process highest volume of orders in the shortest span of time. We also carry all of the required licenses and insurance for every jurisdiction.

Additionally, we are capable in providing add-on services on top of the title searches which may be extremely useful for Foreclosure attorneys on nationwide basis:Marketplace® is your liaison between economics and life.

Noted for timely, relevant and accessible coverage of business news across both audio and digital platforms, Marketplace programs are.

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DEP Releases Draft Rules for New Construction Projects The City has developed a Stormwater Management Program to reduce pollution in stormwater runoff. Please, call or e-mail us for quote on commercial title searches.'s comprehensive Title Search Report provides an easy to follow breakdown of ownership information, open mortgages, mortgage assignments, liens, judgments, foreclosure judgments search .

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