Reach and frequency are terms generally

Feb 28, Is it more effective to touch potential customers once or 25 potential customers 4 times? However, the concept of reach and frequency applies to any promotional activity you undertake: Reach is the number of people you touch with your marketing message or the number of people that are exposed to your message.

Reach and frequency are terms generally

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Web Analytics Terms A Abandonment: A method of banner ads, emails and landing pages testing by which a baseline control sample is compared to a variety of single-variable test samples. The ability of a measurement to match the actual value of the quantity being measured.

If you can't trust that your data is accurate, you can't make confident decisions. In statistical terms, accuracy is the width of the confidence interval for a desired confidence level.

A page displayed after a visitor completes an action or transaction. For example, a thank-you or a receipt page. Acknowledgement pages are often important in Scenario Analysis, where it is an indicator of a completed scenario.

The process of gaining customers through the means of different marketing strategies. For the purposes of web analytics, it often refers specifically to the process of attracting visitors to a web site. After-Click Tracking is the recording the activity path of a visitor to a site after they have clicked on an email link.

Information that allows you to make a decision or can be made use of in any way. A link that takes a visitor to a web site when clicked on, usually graphic or text.

Reach and frequency are terms generally

A click on an advertisement on a website which takes a user to another site. A non-standard inquiry posed to a database of information as the need arises.

A web page that presents an ad.


There may be more than one ad on an ad view. Once visitors have viewed an ad, they can click on it. A method of promoting web businesses in which an affiliate is rewarded for providing customers. Compensation could be made based on a value for visits, subscriptions, leads, sales, and so on.

Definition: Reach and Frequency

A summary of collected information which groups data together without individual-level statistics. A mathematical formula used by search engines to determine which web sites in their database to present in search results, in which order. While search engine algorithms change regularly, primary on-page factors include keyword density and source code optimization.

The primary off-page factor is link popularity. Application Programming Interface is a system that a computer or application supplies in order to allow requests for service to be made of it by other computer programs.

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Active Server Pages are a set of software components that run on a web server and let developers build dynamic web pages.

The erosion of your customer base over time. The opposite of customer retention. The technique by which access to Internet or intranet resources requires the user to enter a username and password as identification.

The average of the lifetime value of a visitor or multiple visitors during the reporting period, where each visitor's lifetime value is the total monetary value of a visitor's past orders since visitor tracking began.

Measure, in kilobytes of data transferred, of the traffic on a site. An advertisement embedded on a web page usually intended to drive traffic to a different website by linking to the advertiser's site. A standard by which something can be measured or judged. A self-published, managed or maintained Web diary.Advertising media selection is the process of choosing the most efficient media for an advertising campaign.

To evaluate media efficiency, planners consider a range of factors including: the required coverage and number of exposures in a target audience; the relative cost of the media advertising and the media planning may also involve buying media space.

C. Frequency level expressed in a media plan overstates the actual level of reach to an ad. D. The actual exposure to an ad is referred to as reach of a media vehicle.


GRPs, TRPs, Reach and Frequency. The aggregate total (the sum) of the ratings is called Gross Rating Points or GRPs. The sum of the ratings of a specific demographic segment may be called Target Audience GRPs or more simply TRPs.

Definition: Reach and Frequency Reach and frequency are the basic concepts involved in the process of media planning.

The series of actions taken to deliver a promotional message to the target consumer is known as media planning. Generally speaking, a larger geographic reach means a larger listener reach. The Downsides of Increasing Your Reach.

Advertising on four stations, like the above illustrates, will blow a small advertising budget quickly and ineffeciently.

Reach and frequency are terms generally

Maximize Radio Reach and Frequency for Your Business. Reach and Frequency are dead (we have other ways to measure - measure of message dispersion in a given period of time (lik -accumulates over time -increases at a decreasing rate (as it.

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