Pricing strategy of tide detergent

Tide Detergent Marketing Strategy: Current packaging requires lifting and pouring from bottles weighing over nine pounds into a small measuring cup. As a result, consumers will reward us with leadership sales, profit and value creation, allowing our people, our shareholders and the communities in which we live and work to prosper. The purpose of this initiative is to increase consumer ease-of-use and perceived value to increase sales volume.

Pricing strategy of tide detergent

Pricing strategy of tide detergent

Posted in Products, Total Reads: Let us start the Tide Marketing Mix: Tide predominantly being a detergent product used for washing purpose, it offers a wide range of product in its marketing mix serving the above purpose.

This provides consumers wide range of choices based on his preferences. Thus with combination of higher visibility in terms of design of packaging and quality offerings Tide has been in forefront with consumers.

Tide has always considered prices as per competition offering. In terms of pricing it has been comparable to its competitors like Surf Excel, Ariel, Sunlight Nirma etc. The major observation is that Tide has generally adopted market follower pricing in its marketing mix and has been on lower side compared to some of the other competitors.

Tide has proven successful in some of the markets in developing country which are highly price sensitive. Consumers perceive Tide to be quality product in terms of mid-range priced products. This pricing strategy has proved beneficial in long term for the brand.

Tide has a strong reach owing to its parent brand. Detergent being convenience products are normally sold through retailers, mom and pops store, shopping centres and malls department store etc.

Tide has its presence in all such distribution medium and hence has been able to gain considerable market share across the world. Also the product has prominence in the shelf of shops thereby gaining better visibility. Therefore its core strategy remains reaching the largest of consumer base so that they do not prefer substitute product in the place of Tide.

The brand has also strong presence in online markets and are also made available through various ecommerce websites. Tide has always been aggressive in its marketing and advertising. In place of rising competition promotion plays a major role in gaining and retaining the customer base and also acts a differential factor for the brand.

Tide advertisement has touched the chords of the consumers with very realistic display and eye catching. The major target audience for Tide brand through its commercial are homemakers and family primarily. Apart from TV commercials print advertisement in magazines and newspapers also play an important role.

Therefore they design promotional campaigns such that the message is conveyed directly to the people who purchase the product. Hence this concludes the marketing mix of Tide detergent brand.

The original Tide was sold as heavy duty and machine cleaning detergent.

In the market-oriented pricing strategy, competitors’ prices and related pricing trends are used in determining the prices of many of Procter & Gamble’s consumer goods. For example, this pricing strategy is applied for the company’s Tide detergent products. Price. With the knowledge of how price is perceived by a target market, a pricing strategy can be created. In the Tide example, price is perceived as a quality marker. The higher the price, the more effective the product is in the eyes of the consumer. So, Tide is one of the higher priced laundry detergents on the market, as of the date of publication. In Tide’s case, they always aim for the strong promotion strategy since many of their commercials are aimed towards specific people who usually purchase the detergent. In addition, Tide realizes that if they can reproduce a real life situation in a commercial, they will captivate the market that associates with it.

The Tide brand is easily recognized with its distinguishable orange and yellow colour packaging. The Marketing Mix section covers 4Ps and 7Ps of more than brands in 2 categories.Tide laundry detergent is such a product in the laundry detergent segment.

Liquid Tide can cost almost 10 times the amount of other brand name detergent products like Arm & Hammer or Gain for the same amount of product. To compensate for the introduction of a lower-end version of its big-selling Tide detergent, P&G is raising prices on some fancier Tide varieties by as much as 25%.

Essay on Tide Laundry Detergent Words | 15 Pages. Principles of Marketing Abstract This paper is a marketing plan for Tide laundry detergent.

It will start out introducing Tide giving a brief description of the situation analysis, marketing strategy. It will give an overview of the product and service and strategies to consider. Marketing Strategy Of Tide Detergent What Tide’s pricing strategy they use and talk about their distribution channels.

This paper will give an overview of integrated marketing communications. Explain what their promotion mix strategy is and what. Marketing Strategy: Tide Detergent Essay. Words Feb 4th, 6 Pages. Marketing Strategy for Procter & Gamble’s Tide® Liquid Laundry Detergent Measure Trigger Paul Lane What Tide’s pricing strategy they use and talk about their distribution channels.

This paper will give an overview of integrated marketing communications. Explain. Loads per week declined because of high-efficiency machines that needed less detergent per load, and retailers widened the price gap between P&G and value brands with promotions of the latter.

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