Physical child abuse case study

False Allegations of Child Abuse Child abuse is a problem that is frequently underdiagnosed. Recognition that underdiagnosis of abuse exists has produced a high zeal for identifying cases of child abuse, which has inevitably produced cases of overdiagnois. Overdiagnosis of child abuse is as catastrophic as underdiagnosis. S, When I was an associate medical examiner for Jackson County, I got a lot of enjoyment from assisting with the prosecution of real criminals, and putting bad people where they belong.

Physical child abuse case study

Child abuse has become an international phenomena, a plague of sorts. It is right to admit that it was in search of a lasting solution to the epidemic, which compelled the war leaders to put their heads together believing also that children ensures the continuity of society.

Neglect / Chronic Neglect Case Study Physical and Verbal Abuse Can Kill! In this article, I will give a quick synopsis of what happened in the sentencing, followed by showing how the signs of abuse could have possibly led to the saving of Lisa's life.
Introduction The names of all participants have been changed to protect their privacy Carolyn Grant Carolyn is years-old, and autistic with moderate intellectual disabilities. She attends a special school program to assist with her disabilities.
Neglect / Chronic Neglect Case Study Other web sources Indiana Definition of Abandoned Child A child who is less than 12 months of age and whose parent, guardian, or custodian has knowingly or intentionally left the child in an environment that endangers the child's life or health; or a hospital or medical facility; and has no reasonable plan to assume the care, custody, and control of the child; or A child who is, or appears to be, not more than 45 days of age and whose parent has knowingly and intentionally left the child with an emergency medical services provider; and did not express an intent to return for the child. No relatives were available to take Jason so he was placed in foster care.
Child abuse and neglect is defined in different ways in various cultures. In general, any commission or omission of acts by adult caretakers that imposes a negative impact on physical, psychological, and social wellbeing of a child is considered child abuse and neglect 2,3.
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Several studies carried out by psychologists point to the fact that personality development is fully affected by the nature of child rearing practices prevailing in a culture. Durojaiye puts the mater most straight forward by saying that the child rearing o parents has affected the education of their children.

Here education is seen as the totality of the development of the personality of the child. The patter of interactions between the parents and their children shows how their children are socialized into the accepted behaviour of the society.

When children are maltreated by their parents, there is history of bad parent-child relationship that would become progressively worse as time passes. Whether he abused child is a baby or a toddler or an older child, there is a mutual feeling of rejection on fan open hostile character of the mother.

Because aggression transferring their growing hostilities by overt attacks on their children when deterioration in parents-child relationship become persistent, it weakens the emotional bounds between the parents and child. Yinusa who all these regareds, the child physical, emotional and psychological development and a child that grows up in an oppressive environment have here feeling of love and acceptance eroded.

He also grows up to develop the problem of low self esteem in the adult live. Child abuse is also in the form of exposing the child to diseases and unfavourable weather and social conditions.

Some wicked guardians punish a child by starving the child and water for a period of time longer than necessary even to the point of starving to death. Some of the abused children are used to making money through hawking of wares of all sorts, serving in hotels irrespective of their age, 1.

Child abuse and abandonment is a common social phenomenon in Nigeria. The researcher considers this special social malady as something that could result in negative effects on the country in future and therefore, demands urgent investigation and remedy.

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It is possible that the problem of child abuse and abandonment may have fermented the fabrics of the Nigerian society so much that it might be very difficult to control. It will also x-ray the constitutional rights of the child in Nigeria — Nigeria being a signatory to the United Nations declaration on the rights of the child.

One of the expectation of the work is to fully expose the ills of child abuse and abandonment andthereby educate the concerned parents and their children on the implication of child abuse and neglect with special reference to the areas covered by the case study.

The researcher intends to create awareness among parents and their children alike on child abuse and neglect and its effects on them and the entire society. It does not intend to create false alarm or downplay the effects to the problems arising thereof on the entire society.

First and foremost, the study is interested in helping parents to make the best o their children and the children, the best of themselves. This is possible through practicable explanations. It much be stated, however that what is easily practicable in one society may be less practicable in another society depending on the nature of the existing realities are achievable.

In theory, this work is expected to reach many people across the country. This is intended to sharpen their awareness on the implications of child abuse and neglect and at the same time will help to put and end to it.

This project hopes that government at all levels will be touched to promulgate laws and seriously enforce compliance of same banning child abuse and neglect.

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The project is also expected to reduce child abuse and neglect and hence ameliorate the plight of the child by making parents and the society at large realise that abuse and neglect spoil the child.Abuse Case Studies.

NOTE: The names of all participants have been changed to protect their privacy. Carolyn Grant.

Physical child abuse case study

Carolyn is years-old, and autistic with moderate intellectual disabilities. Making the Case: Why Prevention Matters Across the nation there has been great progress in work to improve the health and well-being of children.

But the turbulent economy and the budget cutting that has come with it threaten to derail efforts to prevent child abuse and neglect. A child who is, or appears to be, not more than 45 days of age and whose parent has knowingly and intentionally left the child with an emergency medical services provider; and did not express an intent to return for the child.

Trauma: Child Abuse Versus Noninflicted Injuries. Fractures are a common childhood injury and account for between 8% and 12% of all pediatric injuries. 6 – 8 In infants and toddlers, physical abuse is the cause of 12% to 20% of fractures.

9 Although unintentional fractures are much more common than fractures caused by child abuse, . Child abuse or child maltreatment is physical, sexual, or psychological maltreatment or neglect of a child or children, especially by a parent or other caregiver. Child abuse may include any act or failure to act by a parent or other caregiver that results in actual or potential harm to a child, and can occur in a child's home, or in the organizations, schools or communities the child.

At least 26 states and the territory of Guam have enacted legislation requiring states to either study or develop age-appropriate child sexual abuse identification and prevention curricula for pre-k through fifth, eighth or 12 th grades to help children, teachers and parents recognize and identify child sexual abuse..

The legislation also generally .

Child abuse: A classic case report with literature review