Photo essay of chinatown

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Photo essay of chinatown

The synopsis below may give away important plot points. The woman hiring Gittes claims to be Evelyn Mulwray, Hollis' wife.

For unknown reasons, Mulwray spends considerable time looking at dry riverbeds and water outlets. Mulwray is photographed while having a heated argument with an elderly man on the street.

Gittes photographs Mulwray from a roof top when he kisses a young blonde, and the photo is published in the newspaper the next day, causing a scandal. After the story Photo essay of chinatown published, Gittes is visited by the real Mrs.

Evelyn Mulwray, who threatens to sue him for defamation. Gittes uncovers information that despite a serious drought and an expensive proposal to build a new dam, the Water and Power Department is dumping fresh water into the ocean at night.

The dam project Photo essay of chinatown opposed by Mulwray himself, who cites a potential disaster because of weak geological formations in the rock where the dam is to be constructed -- Mulwray had previously supported the building of another dam that had failed due to similar geological conditions.

When he addresses a public hearing on the project, which Gittes attends, Mulwray is ridiculed by several farmers, one of whom leads a flock of sheep into the room, who want the reservoir and water the dam will provide. Jake goes to Mulwray's mansion to speak to him but is only able to talk to Evelyn Mulwray.

While he waits for her, Mulwray's Japanese gardener cleans a small decorative pond. He casually says "bad for the glass" in broken English, a comment that Jake dismisses. Jake notices a shiny object in the pool and tries to retrieve it, stopping when Evelyn appears.

She tells him that Mulwray usually takes afternoon walks at a reservoir and that he should look for him there. Gittes goes to find Mulwray at the reservoir but instead finds the police haul Mulwray's body out of the reservoir.

They believe Mulwray died from drowning. Gittes used to work with the lead investigator, Lt. When the police interview Evelyn Mulwray about her husband's death, they assume she hired Gittes, and Gittes corroborates the lie for her.

She thanks him and hires him to investigate what happened to her husband. Later, at the county coroner's department, Gittes learns from the coroner that Mulwray's lungs were filled with salt water, although he had been found in a freshwater reservoir.

Gittes also learns that a local drunk was found dead from drowning in a dry riverbed that Mulwray had been inspecting. Later that night Gittes climbs the secure fence around the reservoir and, after he is shot at by an unseen shooter, is nearly drowned when the culvert he is hiding in is suddenly filled with running water.

Two water department security thugs detain him; a large man named Claude Mulvihill and a short thug a cameo by Roman Polanskiwho slashes Jake's nose for being a "very nosy fella. She admits she was hired to trick Gittes, but refuses to come to his office. She tells him to read that day's obituaries, saying he'll find "one of those people".

At the water department, Gittes sees photographs of the elderly man Mulwray quarreled with a few days before his death; the man is Noah Cross John HustonEvelyn Mulwray's father. He used to own the water utility in partnership with Mulwray, but Cross ended his association with the department when the partners sold it to the city, as Mulwray had long desired.

Cross invites Jake to lunch at his home and hires Jake to find the blond girl Mulwray had been seeing, saying that she might know what happened to him and that he'd like to comfort her if he can. Gittes goes to the Hall of Records and looks in a large plat book of the valley.

He learns that a considerable portion of the valley has been bought up in the past few months by a few new land owners who have purchased large tracts of land.

When the attendant in the room refuses to let Jake borrow the book, Jake surreptitiously tears the column out of the book and pockets it.

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Acting on another tip from Sessions, Gittes begins to unravel an intricate scandal involving LA's fresh water supply. Gittes first travels to an orange farm to talk with the owner about how his land is being irrigated. As he drives around he is shot at by the farmer and a few of his farmhands and crashes his car into a tree.

Jake is dragged from his car, beaten and searched. While he tries to show the farmer documentation of his investigation, the farmhands claim that Mulwray is responsible for harassment of late and attack Jake. When Jake tries to fight back, he's knocked unconscious.

He wakes up to find that the farmer and his wife have called Evelyn, who has come to the farm. While they drive back to LA, Jake explains the scandal to her: Since Cross wants no record of such transactions, he has partnered with a retirement home community, using the identities of the eldest residents within one of whom is mentioned in the obituary column: Jake, having matched one of the obituary names to one of the names in the list he stole from the plat book, has Evelyn drive him to the retirement home and pose as a married couple trying to find a place for Jake's father to live.

The host tells them they can tour the facility. They come across an activities board with the names of the people from the plat book. Jake talks to a group of women working on a quilt.A Very Short Photo Essay on Traveling to San Francisco An afternoon in Chinatown I HAVE LOST COUNT of how many times the airplane that I was on touched down in the SFO airport, and how many times.

••• A New York Times “special report”—more of a photo essay, and not online—looks at the vacant stretches of retail around the city, which is nice. But Canal and Mercer is not Chinatown!

Photo essay of chinatown

San Francisco's Chinatown, where this photo was taken, is the country's oldest, and owes its appearance in large part “to Chinese merchants who, after the earthquake, paid white architects.

Vancouver tours Vancouver Chinatown Vancouver Neighborhoods Photo essay A.

Photos from Chinatown in George Town, Penang, Malaysia | The Road to Anywhere

Small Places to see The Neighbourhood• Gates Vintage Clothing Forward Whether it is for the freshly baked goods or the stunning historical artefacts, Vancouver’s Chinatown neighbourhood has enough nostalgia to spread fo.

Photo Essay: Everyday Life in Century Honolulu - Honolulu Magazine - November - Hawaii. Find this Pin and more on Vintage Hawaii by Botsy Uprichard.

Welcome to the a decade of sideburns and letting it all hang out. Instead there is the Chinatown Market, with all the freshest food, meat, and produce supplied by local vendors. Here is a photo essay of some of my favorite mobile photography images from Yangon’s Chinatown market. The Chicken Vendor.

Fresh Flowers. The street outside the Chinatown .

Catherine Zhang – Semi-professional Photographer @ Shanghai,PRC & Boston,US