Performance and reward issues for mcdonalds

The report will also layout the issues identified at the Townsville restaurant, with six subsequent recommendations to address those issues 1. McDonalds adopts this strategy as they supply fast food at a lower price than their competitors such as KFC, to gain market share Shields,p. McDonalds achieves this strategy as they distinguish their products from competitors by supplying consumers with a more varied menu, including healthier items.

Performance and reward issues for mcdonalds

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The assignment will try to focus on the concept of human resource management strategies and human resource activities of McDonalds restaurant ltd, the organization where I am working.

The objective of this assignment is to relating the models of HR strategies with McDonalds and summarising HR activities like performance management, motivation and rewards and HR planning.

The aim of HRM is to help the organisation to achieve success with the help of people. HRM strategy is an approach for making decisions on the plans of the organisation.

These plans are concerned with the employee relationship and its recruitment, training development, performance management, rewards and employee strategies. The basic activities followed by HRM are that of providing services to internal customers.

Performance and reward issues for mcdonalds

These include central management team leader, line managers and employees. The services covering all the aspects of HRM like human resource planning, recruitment and selection, employee development, employee rewards, health and safety management, employee relations and welfare.

Human Resources Management-McDonalds | Essay Example

McDonald is the no. It has a worldwide chain of around 30, fast-food restaurants that prepare, package and sell a menu of ready to eat foods. McDonalds restaurants offer a substantially uniform menu for breakfast and daytime differently.

Ray Kroc was the first person who opened the McDonalds restaurant in In McDonalds became a public company. After becoming a public company, the first new international branch opened in Canada.

In the happy meal for kids, compete with toy was introduced. The best use of planning. An approach to the business and management of personnel system based on an employment policy and manpower strategy. Matching human resource management activities and policies to some explicit business strategy.

Seeing the people of the organization as a strategic resource for the achievements of competitive advantage. Strategic human resource management should maintain a proper balance between soft and hard elements. Walkerstates that strategic human resource management as, the means of aligning the management of human resources with the strategic content of the business.

The main approaches to the development of human resource strategies as: Refer appendices 1 Employment security: To retain the best staff in the organisation McDonalds is paying high rate of pay to the staff plus employee meal discount card to every staff member and everyday free break-meal to every staff member.

As I used to work in the kitchen at McDonalds but now I am improving bit by bit. Proper training and classes are providing to the staff member for a particular designation. A member of head of department takes 3 rounds a month to check the position of a particular store.

This will in turn motivates the employee to work in a more efficient way and encourages the teamwork. Teamwork provides them with a chance to learn new skills and develop a sense of respect for each other. High compensation contingent on organization: Performance reward system in McDonalds is totally appraisal based not ht performance based.

In McDonalds doing night shifts only can reward the crewmembers. Training to provide a skilled and motivated workforce: McDonalds trains their crewmembers extensively on all food safety and food handling process.

Trainees work shoulder to shoulder with crew trainers. They give proper knowledge from front counter to the grill area.

Hence the basis of above theory we can say that the McDonalds is not following the best practise model completely. There are three different schools of thought under best-fit model Business life cycle model: Generally there are 4 different stages of organizational development i.

This model shows the critical human resource activities at different organizational or business unit stage. It is related to the human resource function like recruitment, selection and staffing, compensation and benefits, employee training and development and employer relation. During the Christmas time McDonalds employee a lot and lot of number of employees to increase their sale.

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Accept & Close. Ethical Issues Of Mcdonald 's A Public Company Words | 6 Pages. ETHICAL ISSUES Corporate Governance McDonald’s is a public limited company, meaning that ownership of the company is open for sale to the public.

Reward and Fairness Issues in Performance Related Pay Words | 12 Pages. 1. Introduction Performance related pay (PRP) is a financial rewarding system which is directly associated with the work accomplishment of employees. Describe about the Analysis of McDonalds and its Human Resource Management Practices?

Answer: their health issues have worsened due to continuous eating at McDonalds, the children were not advised to eat at McDonalds because it may affect their well-being in the longer run and calorie content of the meals. and advance over /5(14K). McDonald’s Corporation Corporate Responsibility Committee Charter 68 McDonald’s faces an array of complex issues that reach from the farm all the way to the front counter, where our customers purchase a Big Mac, a Premium Salad or our world-famous French fries.

Analysis of McDonalds and its Human Resource Management Practices

We do not manage these issues alone. develop leaders and reward . The organisation has boosted performance and productivity by ensuring all of its reward programmes are aligned to its business strategy. The employer was recognised for its approach in , when it won an Employee Benefits Award for best alignment of benefits to the business strategy, and in the years since it has ensured it has never lost this focus.

McDonald's Restaurants puts motivation and reward at heart of business strategy - Employee Benefits