Peer influence good bad and ugly research paper peer influ

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Peer influence good bad and ugly research paper peer influ

Peer pressure can prove beneficial but it is most often observed to have negative effects on society.

Peer influence good bad and ugly research paper peer influ

What is negative peer pressure? What is positive peer pressure? How do does it affect the teenagers? The thoughts, behavior and tastes of fashion, music, television and other walks of life of the masses are often seen having a deep impact on the living of the society.

We tend to get influenced by the lifestyles of our peer group.

Peer influence good bad and ugly research paper peer influ

The changing ways of life of our peers often force us to change our ways of looking at life and leading it. Few have the courage to resist the peer pressure and be their own selves rather than being one among the lot.


Peer pressure is bound to affect most of us, both, positively and negatively. The distinction between positive and negative peer pressure lies in a thoughtful analysis of the views of the masses. Following your peers blindly leaves a negative impact on your life while an analytical approach of looking at peer behavior can act positively.

Let us look at the positive and negative effects of peer pressure. Negative Effects of Peer Pressure When you do not like a particular idea or when you have no inclination towards a particular field, it is obvious that you won't like to go by it.

For sure, you won't like to go that way. But it is you peer group, which may compel you on doing something you hate. In such cases, there are chances that you won't do well in those things. Things you do not enjoy doing cannot fetch you success. You cannot emerge successful in something you have never liked doing.

So, it is important that you do not lose happiness of your life by succumbing to peer pressure. Many a time, it so happens, that we are forced to lead a certain kind of lifestyle due to peer pressure.

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You may not like partying on every weekend, you may not like night outs with friends, you may hate drinking or smoking, but peer pressure may make you do all that you had never wished to.

There are many teenagers who experience great pressure from their peer group that forces them to take to drinking. You may take to something as grave as drug use, and that too, only because of peer pressure.

In such cases, being overly pressurized by you peers can be detrimental to your living. Some teenagers literally spoil their lives by giving in to peer pressure. Peer pressure can lead to a loss of individuality.

Extreme peer pressure may lead you to follow what your peers feel right. Their pressure may compel you to go by everything they think right.

You tend to blindly imitate the masses; you adopt their tastes of fashion, clothing, hair, music and general living. Peer pressure can actually lead you to lose you tastes of life and force yourself to begin liking what they like.

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