Operating systems research topics

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Operating systems research topics

Each computer in a distributed system must have a concept of time relative to the other computers in the system and an efficient means to convey this time to the system in order to provide synchronization between the processes.

There are many factors involved with maintaining time consistency in a distributed system. Investigate the implementation of timing throughout a distributed system and the various protocols available to implement synchronizing.

This could include researching the timing behavior of commonly used programming languages and system. Because timing is very critical with real-time systems, the project could naturally include a section on the tools and software available for implementing real-time applications and their approach to timing.

Topic 2 Distributed computing provides a means for complex problems to be solved efficiently and quickly by dividing the work among the processors in the system. This concept is interesting because of its ability to increase the power of computing. What is even more interesting is the application of distributed computing.

Investigate a set of interesting applications in which distributed computing is used in industry. In each case, one could discuss the particular protocols, security issues, and benefits along with an overview of the system implementation.

Topics of discussion could include the basic Kernel structure, the upper layer services supplied, and the evolutionary basis for the operating systems current structure.

Exploring the structural evolution of this system helps to reveal the basis for many of the modern operating system design techniques. Both the good and the bad characteristics of this software have contributed to our understanding of how to architect an operating system.

From a graduate study perspective, this is an excellent operating system to study.

There exists a large body of information related to the detailed structure of the LINUX operating system and its history. Such detailed information is not readily available for commercial software packages. The ability to explore the source code and its historical development presents a rare opportunity for students to study an evolutionary operating system development project from the beginning.

While the total body of information concerning this operating system is far too large for a single term project, selective study of one of the suggested topics is feasible.

Key Financial Indicators for Water and Wastewater Systems: Operating Ratio

The subject matter is certainly one of interest to our current field of study and would benefit a student's understanding of operating systems and their evolution greatly.

Topic 4 Write a term paper on Internet Security and Firewalls. With software being developed in a distributed environment, it is important for a company to have data security, and to have the data accessible to all members of a team.

Studying firewalls and Internet security should provide insight into what details are needed to produce a secure environment.

By researching these subjects, you could gain a greater understanding of firewalls and security issues related to the Internet. This topic relates to this course in reference to security issues of operating systems. Determine how CORBA fits into an operating system and the specific details of what it takes to implement it.

Operating systems research topics

This topic relates to distributed operating systems because it is a means to provide interoperability between applications in a distributed environment.

Topic 6 The Berkeley Network of Workstations NOW project seeks to harness the power of clustered machines connected via high-speed switched networks. By leveraging commodity workstations and operating systems, NOW can track industry performance increases.

The key to NOW is the advent of the killer switch-based and high-bandwidth network.

Operating systems research topics

This technological evolution allows NOW to support a variety of disparate workloads, including parallel, sequential, and interactive jobs, as well as scalable web services, including the world's fastest web search engine, and commercial workloads, such as NOW-Sort, the world's fastest disk-to-disk sort.

Topic 7 An operating system structure has a dramatic impact on the performance and the scope of applications that can be built on it.

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Since its inception, the field of operating systems has been attempting to identify an appropriate structure: Exokernels dramatically depart from this previous work.

An exokernel eliminates the notion that an operating system should provide abstractions on which applications are built. Instead, it concentrates solely on securely multiplexing the raw hardware:(Real Time/Embedded) Operating Systems and Related Topics.

Available RTOSs (The RTOSs listed below are only the ones that come with open source code and therefore are likely to be used in a research environment) and general purpose OS related websites.

An operating system (OS) is system software that manages computer hardware and software resources and provides common services for computer programs.. Time-sharing operating systems schedule tasks for efficient use of the system and may also include accounting software for cost allocation of processor time, mass storage, printing, and .

UST Systems: Inspecting And Maintaining Sumps And Spill Buckets - Practical Help And Checklist (EPA R). May A manual for owners and operators with recommended inspection guidelines and best management practices for UST system sumps and spill buckets.

Operating And Maintaining. Jan 03,  · For an operating system student: 1. First go through all general concepts used in an Operating System To get a understanding of OS working you should probably aware of following topics 1.

General history and boot processes 2. Process Management 3. Below is a list of suggested contemporary OS topics, issues, and research paper references. Each student must complete 4 short paper assignments on OS topics selected from this list or on OS topics suggested by the student and approved by the instructor.

Operating ratio is a key financial indicator that allows a system to get a snapshot of its financial health.

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