Musical instruments of india

Synopsis India' s most popular instruments. There are more than different sorts. Of these are drums. Many of them are immemorially ancient in design and have deep religious significance.

Musical instruments of india

Then these 12 lesser known musical instruments from the past will make your day. While some of these forms and instruments made their way to the present and got their share of mainstream fame quite successfully, there are others which could not cross that line between then and now.

These are instruments with equally interesting background stories and factual associations. Call it sheer luck, but they just could not enter the mainstream.

There are two principal strings — one is made of steel and the other is made from horsehair. There are jingle bells attached along the long bow as well. The instrument has seen royal treatment through history and according to mythology, it was supposedly brought to North India by Lord Hanuman after the victory of Rama.

It is still played in some parts of Rajasthan and is a part of the folk music there. It is described as a lute-derived sarod, but it is larger and produces a much deeper sound. The main body is made from wood or leather depending on the historical time of creation.

Wikipedia A single reed instrument, it is usually made from a very short stem and is packed at the end with the horn of a buffalo. It is often compared to a flute.

Musical instruments of india

It is often compared to a nadaswaram and at times gets mistaken for a large shehnai. Played by keeping three fingers on each side of the reed and by breathing into it, the Algoze has also gained momentum in the UK to cater to Punjabi listeners.

Wikipedia The name would be more familiar to nature enthusiasts as Gogan is a fairly well known genus of moths. It is also a musical instrument, indigenous to Assam and is used in Bihu music. It is usually made of bamboo or a horn.

Musical instruments of india

The tone it produces is rich in harmonics, being very low and mellow. It differs from the tabla in playing technique and from the Mridang in terms of construction.

Wikipedia This is a frame drum and consists of a wooden rim which is covered by leather on one side. The drum is played with hands and not sticks. Wikimedia If you have ever ventured inside a Shiva temple, you have probably seen this one.

It is indigenous to Tamil Nadu and is widely used in prayers and other devotional practices. It is a hand drum and comes under the category of membranophone instruments. Resembling an hourglass, its pitch can be modified if one tightens the string in the middle.


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India’s rich cultural heritage has given us some of the most amazing yet unique musical instruments. It is often said that when words fail, music speaks and these instruments are proof of that. From different parts of the country, and from different cultures - here are 10 unique musical. Pandit Rikhiram, one of India’s best known Musical Instrument creator, was a great musician, an innovator and perfectionist.

This legacy has been carried over by . Percussion Musical Instruments. Tabla The Tabla is one of the most famous instruments of India. It is a two-piece percussion instrument, and is the principal rhythmic accompaniment to most of the. Welcome to VM Music Instruments.

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