Master thesis european integration pros

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Master thesis european integration pros

Within Europe, formerly centrally planned economies have joined the European Union EU with the intention to ultimately introduce the common currency.

MASTER THESIS Access to Drinking Water and Stakeholder Action - Drinking Water Governance in Cameroon from a Political-Ecological Perspective. The Integration of an HP-Adaptive Finite Element Analysis Library into the Community Ice-Sheet Model Tim Wylie The University of Montana June 3, EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies European Political and Governance Studies European Economic Studies European Economic Integration and Business (EEIB) EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies Back to top.

On a more global scale, marginalised farmers in developing countries seek to become integrated in the world trading system to lift themselves out of poverty. However, issues surrounding economic inequalities are no longer exclusively confined to emerging economies.

Indeed, awareness of income inequalities and their impact on the domestic economy is increasing among industrialised nations.

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This dissertation seeks to contribute to these topical debates in the form of three self-contained essays. The first essay is concerned with monetary integration in Europe.

We look in another core chapter at the economic implications of the Fair Trade FT movement. This is a fairly novel topic to the economics profession and we thus aim to provide intuitive insights. One of the key elements of our trade model is that FT generates and hinges upon economic inequalities.

We combine these two aspects in the third core chapter. In particular, we analyse how monetary policy operates in an environment which is characterised by wage inequalities using a New Keynesian model that features heterogeneous labour.


The third essay is motivated by the case of the United States, where, similar to many European countries, there is strong empirical evidence for rising internal economic divergence.

Overall, the thesis not only combines and investigates topical issues, it moreover does so employing various techniques with the intention to also make contributions on the methodological level. We conclude the monograph by highlighting policy implications and by providing directions for future research.Find out and of thesis english literature much better with their professors figure.

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master thesis european integration pros

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Schmitter European University Institute July [ words] For publication in: Wiener, Antje and Thomas Diez, eds. European Integration Theory, Oxford: Oxford University Press (, in preparation).

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