Koreanovela addiction among filipinos

Sunday, September 4, Korean Culture in the Philippines For the recent years the Philippine entertainment scene has been dominated by Korean cultural products such as television dramas, pop songs, and movies. Even the style of fashion of Korea. Super Junior concert in Araneta Coliseum Recently through, Korean Popular Music or K-Pop is the more popular Korean cultural product across the world that also affects the Filipinos and they already love the K-pop music. This make a variety of reaction from the Filipino audiences, especially Filipino K- Pop fans.

Koreanovela addiction among filipinos

Koreanovela addiction among filipinos

They perceived and appreciated the Korean culture from the mediated form of lessons from telenovela. They perceived viewing Koreanovelas as a way to understand Korea. Undergraduate group said, Discussant 4: I think Koreanovelas open the mind of Filipinos about Koreans ….

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Umali said before that Filipinos think Koreans are noisy people, something negative. Common Hierarchical and close family relationship Among many cultural features that the discussants perceived, hierarchical and extended family or community based family relationships were dominantly mentioned both by graduate and undergraduate discussion groups.

They thought that those features are commonly shared within Asian countries including the Philippines. With watching the Asian-ness in the Koreanovela addiction among filipinos, they felt more closeness in the cultural aspects, which actually made them more interested in watching the Koreanovelas.

Koreanovela addiction among filipinos

The perception agreed with the cultural proximity arguments Straubharr, but in different ways from the argument in East Asia. And maybe the stories are very much similar to our culture.

Like we can understand ah, we can understand ah that ah children listen to their parents Facilitator: And I also would like to add… that the strong family ties in Koreanovelas.

It is always present.

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Negative gender and other relationship Besides similarities and positive interests, discussants also perceived some negative values among Koreans through the viewing of Koreanovelas. Especially in the relationship between male and female, police officer and the criminals were not culturally accepted among Filipino audience.

The relationship of man and a woman … I mean here in the Philippines, when you see some guy kicking or slapping a woman … I mean. It should not be… but with Koreanovelas, I mean …with Full House, with Attic Cat… what else… we see…men physically …not abusing… men are very physical with women.

Food, dining, and communication An important part of the cultural tapestries of any culture, food is an essential part of their life.

Discussants saw various dishes and the dining culture, which are different from that of Filipinos. And they understood the meaning of dining together within a family.

It was the place to share and made decisions for family matters. Interestingly they perceived the drinking as an interesting social aspect of distinctive Korean collective culture. They understood different context in the drinking with peers.

They also see the gender equality in drinking scenes in Koreanovelas. I like the food. And they always drink the one in the green bottle Korean beer or something, Korean wine, So Ju… Facilitator: So Ju yeah… Discussant 4: Even women like to drink and they drink and they drink yeah, they drink and drink… Undergraduate group said, Discussant 6: And the… in every episode, at least three times… we see them at the dinner table.

The most important decisions made are always talked about while they are eating…with the family … very Filipino… Discussant 3: Traditional custom and contemporary fashion Custom is also another way of appreciation of any given culture.

Discussants pointed out the distinctive feature and the use of Korean traditional clothes, Hanbok, as a way of life in Korea.

They even have the traditional Korean wedding with the knots and all the bowing they keep on bowing actually, they love to bow.

Kissing the hand … They also saw some advocates of Koreanovelas following the fashion and hairstyle as the expressions of cultural appreciation. Undergraduate group said Discussant 6: Undergraduate group said, Discussant 1: I would like to share… my sister lives in Dubai then she came here in the Philippines while she visits… this happened last month…Green Rose was showing on ABS-CBN 2… then she watched 3 to 4 episodes of Green Rose she became hooked attached to the show.

In addition, Discussants also saw the changes among the local networks with adaptation of the pattern of Koreanovelas. But they continued seeing the regional exchange or interests in Asian contents among Filipino audience.

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Undergraduate group said, Discussant 5: The last account toward the future of Koreanovelas provided fast changing trends and interests among Filipino audiences. They see the last popularity from Mexican, Taiwanese telenovelas and actors and actresses that have faded away.It’s quite ironic how a lot of Filipinos nowadays are so engrossed with Korean pop songs and dramas.

I myself fall flat on my knees to these songs. We will write a custom essay sample on What is the effect of kpop in the philippines? specifically for you for only $ $/page. Because of his popularity among the Filipinos, Rain. Oct 07,  · Filipino Actors and Actresses with Addiction Problems It is the issue of addiction.

Substance addiction refers to the compulsive use of brain-altering substances. For Filipinos, the popular substances are marijuana, shabu, ecstasy, steroids, and cocaine. Technically, alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine are also addictive brain. Koreanovela and its reception among Filipino audience | Hallyu (Korean wave)" in China, Taiwan, and Japan has become a new trend since the late 's and its typical aspects seem to have reached.

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Transcript of WHY KOREANOVELAS ARE HIT AMONG FILIPINO TEENAGERS: THE CASE. Autumn in my Heart was the Koreanovela which gained so much popularity. Bright Girl was the first ever Korean drama that aired in the Philippine Among the varying TV shows, most appealing to youth was sitcoms, news, variety shows and romance/drama programs.

This chapter shows the interpretation, analysis and gathered data of researchers on why Filipinos love Koreanovela. This chapter is focused on the reasons why Filipinos are so hooked with Koreanovelas. Koreanovela Addiction among Filipinos Karmina D.

Tapang Bachelor of Science in Accountancy BS ACCTG Prof. John Carlos S. Adversario Introduction Movies, soap operas, TV shows, sitcoms and even animes, these are some of things that Filipinos love to watch.

We cannot deny the fact that watching is already a part of Filipino lifestyle.

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