It infrastructure outsourcing at schaeffer

For some background, Software as a Service SaaS and cloud computing have not yet penetrated the Middle East software market as they have in the U. This early infancy market perspective found in the Middle East offers a refreshing opportunity to speak about the tangible and measurable business benefits of SaaS, and stay clear of the more esoteric discussions such as multi-tenant architectures, IT delivery platforms and other arguments levied by the SaaS purists. On-demand CRM vendors responded to system uptime and uninterrupted availability by showcasing their data centers, and more specifically, their hardware and telecom redundancy, high availability HA and immediate fail-over capabilities. System downtime renders a business software application worthless — and can stop a business in its tracks.

It infrastructure outsourcing at schaeffer

The company has stock which is publicly traded. Fredrick Schaeffer originally founded the company in There are three divisions within the company which are Colbert, Kinzer, and Reitzel. Each division has its own autonomy and resources. However, they are all responsible to the Schaeffer Corporate management.

The Reitzel division is the most profitable of the three divisions. It has operations in Europe and is constantly growing. There are a lot of benefits that Schaeffer Corporation hopes to achieve form outsourcing its IT infrastructure.

These benefits include saving money, saving time, having a better understanding of IT, and increasing the overall efficiency of the company. In this, outsourcing will save Schaeffer Corporation the startup costs for servers as well as any other operational costs associated with that Brown et al.

Moreover, Schaeffer will be able to save all expenditures that may be spent on maintenance of its servers, or buying new equipment and programs used to copy, archive, and backup data. Also, outsourcing IT infrastructure will save the company space and other expenses including office furniture, technological facilities, utility bills, as the outsourcers will do all of the IT work outside the company.

That means Schaeffer Corporation will have more time to focus on different operational dimensions other than IT. This process of data gathering gives Schaeffer the advantage of knowing all of its capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses in order to allow the company to take good enterprise opportunities to achieve its growth goals.

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As mentioned earlier, by saving time and money, Schaeffer will be able to improve its performance as well as its productivity. This will improve the quality of IT services for Schaeffer due to the dependence on an expert outsourcing firm that has the capability in providing professional IT services.

So, outsourcing IT will allow Schaeffer Corporation to enjoy the best benefits out of the outsourcer. That is, the company will achieve its goals by depending on the expertise of the outsourcer to get the IT services done.

As a result, Schaeffer has implemented a new strategy for Reitzel to grow and increase its sales Brown et al. Describe the steps taken to develop the RFP and the role that an outside consultant played in this process.

In our case, Schaeffer Corporation is planning to establish a new IT set up in its growing organization. The objective defined for this IT set up was to outsource the entire process to a third party vendor.

It infrastructure outsourcing at schaeffer

To make it a successful proposal, Schaeffer Corporation must define the following components in its objectives: It becomes necessary for the Schaeffer Corporation and its divisions to consider all the alternatives as business functions which are to be outsourced and which are to be in-house.

The management must decide to keep those functions which are and would be the source of competitive advantage in the future.

The company can float the RFI Request to Information across various potential outsourcers to give the detailed analysis cost incurred, benefits reached and the results of outsourcing. Selection of the Potential Outsourcer Based in the RFP List This is the final step where the Schaeffer Corporation must narrow down the list of potential outsourcers based on the qualifications they possessed and the requirements they can satisfactorily perform.

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It must also identify whether a single outsourcer or multiple outsourcers will perform all the functions of outsourcing, to protect its competitive advantage, data security, and integrity. Moreover, Schaeffer felt comfortable working with ABC and believed that they were qualified to handle their IT needs even with the lowest bid Brown et al.

Typically, the outside consultant has the capability to select multiple outsourcers who are known to be qualified for the in handling a project of setting up of new IT infrastructure in a company like Schaeffer.

The RFP will be sent to the outsourcers and the outside consultant will hold a conference with the recipients of the RFP, so as to answer the questions of the outsourcer, to fix the meeting with the outsourcing enterprise personnel, and to allow the outsourcer to observe who else is bidding.

Finally, the consultant must assist the final selection of the outsourcer by connecting with the outsourcing enterprise in reviewing process of the proposals submitted. This will finally help in preparing the comparative analysis of the proposals and then select them finally.

What were the perceived disadvantages to outsourcing raised by managers? A company looking to expand into new territories in other countries and acquiring new firms as well may need to outsource services support.

However, the disadvantages that may be encountered in such alliance may persuade some to have a change of heart. In this event, the firm will be liable to pay the outsourced company for any services rendered to the company no matter how small the problem may be.Infrastructure outsourcing offers this very significant advantage at a very affordable cost.

Increasing or reducing the scale of usage of IT infrastructure will involve nothing more than a variation in the cost of the services. It is for the service provider to worry about the technical aspects of improving or reducing infrastructure capacity. 4. Security Focus – The network infrastructure of a bank has to be rock solid.

No bank wants to ever have to worry about getting hacked. JMARK uses hardened technology and software, and has critical expertise that the majority of I.T. support companies lack. Experience spans strategic consulting, applications solutions delivery, global infrastructure delivery and management, program and project management, cloud solutions, strategic Senior IT Professional open to .

It infrastructure outsourcing at schaeffer

The project dealt with the replacement of existing outdated server infrastructure with local disks, without a central data management, while ensuring high availability IT infrastructure in operation with continuous three-shift operation.

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