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Iceland project

The emerging idea was to turn the construction inside-out. Turf houses are wooden structures insulated by a thick wall of turf - in other words, Iceland project light structure with a very heavy base. We inverted this structure by creating a heavy concrete structure enclosed by a light base of glass.

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As a natural extension, the relationship between positive and negative space has been explored, and throughout the building there is a clear contrast between light-weight and more heavy building volumes. The concrete is applied to create layers of contrasting rough and smooth textures and form patterns inspired by those found in the layers of the turf houses.

Selected parts of the rooftops are covered with grass like the traditional building techniques of the area. This both intensifies the notion of a building that is closely related to the history of the site, and adds to the sense of a hidden destination that discreetly rises from the landscape.

Drawing from the rich heritage of Icelandic Folktales, a sense of surrealism and the concept of imaginary realms is additionally infused into the space.

Portals and tunnels are additionally dispersed throughout the building to enhance this otherworldly and magical atmosphere.

In that sense, the landscape, the building and the visitor are all in transformation. Key emotional states experienced by him on his journey towards a new-found purpose in life are instilled into the space through various expressions of nature.

The spa takes the guests through five emotional states: Contemplation, exposure, confrontation, clarity and enlightenment. Other natural elements are further captured to create wind tunnels, fire baths and ice pools that represent the unpredictable extremes of Icelandic weather.

It is outlined with shallow passages, areas with currents, and still water pools. The further one moves through the lagoon the more one is rewarded with solitude and the opportunity to become totally immersed in nature. It was to be an experience that simultaneously grounds you and liberates you.One major obstacle is that while in Iceland there is long-term commitment to the national project, community health programs in the U.S.

are usually funded by short-term grants.

Iceland project

Our hope and prayer is to become missionary church planters in Iceland, a beautiful country that is consumed by spiritual darkness. We are excited to partner with The Iceland Project and Loftstofan toward the goal of seeing gospel centered, bible believing/teaching, multiplying churches planted throughout Iceland.

The Iceland Projects is an initiative to plant healthy, gospel centred and healthy churches in Iceland. The Villa Escape.

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