How to write allah in arabic on iphone

He was born on the month of Muharram, year Hijri, in Nawa, a village near the region of Damascus, the current capital of Syria. He was taught by his father who was famous for his piety and righteousness. When he was ten years old, Sheikh Yasin Ibn Yusuf Az-Zarkasyi saw him being forced to play by his friends, but he evaded them, refused, and cried because of that forcing.

How to write allah in arabic on iphone

It has been protected by God for the preserving and spreading of the Muslim faith throughout the future. Christians hold these same convictions to be true of their message of God, the Bible.

The Bible was written over a period of years. The first five books of the Bible are referred to as the Torah, and were written by Moses around B. David composed the majority of the Psalms Zabur.

Many of the books speak of future events — some which were fulfilled during the lives of the writers, others which were fulfilled during the life of Jesus, and still others which have yet to be fulfilled.

The section given to the Jews or Hebrew people which they refer to as the Scriptures is also the section Christians refer to as the Old Testament.

This section was completed years before Jesus was born, and was carefully copied with extreme caution to avoid the entry of any mistakes. Any copies containing errors were carefully destroyed. Because the papyrus copies tended to deteriorate, the Old Testament continued to be recopied to avoid misunderstanding.

The second section of the Bible, called the New Testament, was written immediately following the time of Jesus. He died around A. All writing of the New Testament was done by eyewitnesses and contemporaries of Jesus.

The New Testament is composed of 27 books, which are similar to chapters or Surahs.

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This part of the Bible is referred to by Christians as the Gospels or good news Injil. They were written in Greek, the written language of the Roman Empire in that day. Although the Bible was written through many different Old Testament prophets and New Testament writers over a period of years, it is entirely consistent in its teachings.

The New Testament circulated throughout the Middle East and southern Europe as individual books and as a collection of books.

Again, great care was taken for errorless copying. These manuscripts are written in Greek and compare identically with the thousands of portions available of even older manuscripts.

The translations that we have today in English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Chinese, Swahili, Russian or any of more than 2, languages must come directly from these ancient Greek manuscripts — not from translations of translations — in order to be considered accurate.

Just as with a Xerox copy, the quality of the duplicate decreases when you make a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy. The clearest copies come from the original or a near original. The same is true when making translations of important statements.

Muhammed lived at the beginning of the 7th century. He continued to receive additional revelations over the next 20 years. Some portions were written down on bleached camel bones, stones, palm leaves, as well as other available materials. This would be in about A. He brought together the written portions into one volume with the consent of close friends of Muhammed, who had memorized all or portions of his writings.

This gave human approval to the document. This copy assembled by Zayd was recorded without dots and vowels, which made some words vague as to their meaning.

how to write allah in arabic on iphone

All other previous documents were burned. Therefore, since the prophet Muhammed speaks with such reverence about the authority of the Torah, Zabur, and Injil, as the Word of God given from heaven, what do you think he believed and wants his followers to believe about the Bible?

This makes it clear that the prophet Muhammed considered the Bible to be pure and undefiled. This proves it is clear, that from the very beginning of Islam, the prophet Muhammed accepted the Bible as the unchanged, true Word of God.Arabic fonts are beautiful but hard to find.

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how to write allah in arabic on iphone
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