Eassy on asylum seeker

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Eassy on asylum seeker

Related Abstract Eassy on asylum seeker growing number of asylum seekers in the UK led to the great media focus on this group of foreigners. As the media presented asylum seekers and refugees in an unfavourable light and emphasized the negative consequences of these massive arrivals, the British citizens and politicians started to perceive them as a social problem.

In order to address this problem, the British government implemented strict measures aiming to reduce a number of asylum applications in the UK. Recently, many academic scholars and organizations underlined that these measures had a very negative impact on the lives of asylum seekers in the UK.

The financial support for asylum seekers in the UK is limited to the minimum; they meet difficulties in accessing basic public services such as health care or education; they are not allowed to work during their application process. The evidence show that a growing number of asylum seekers is vulnerable to poverty and destitution; discrimination and social exclusion Prior et.

Nonetheless, the government seems to undermine these postulates and continues its strict policy towards asylum seekers and refugees. Introduction Historically, the United Kingdom has been characterized by a long tradition of granting asylum to significant number of foreigners. In return, these people have often contributed to the development of the UK.

Amongst the best known individuals are Joseph Malin [1] and Michael Marks [2]. As the number of people seeking asylum in the UK has grown rapidly from the early s, the Home Office was not able to cope with this high volume of application and many asylum cases remained unsolved.

At the same time, the British media has started to promote the perception of asylum seekers as economic workers whose decisions on where to seek asylum are based on the opportunities for employment and welfare benefits.

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Thus, the issue of asylum seekers became a top concern of the British policy-makers. Prior to considering the problem of asylum seekers in the UK, it seems to be crucial to define the term asylum seeker and refugee. The reason for seeking protection is a fear of torture or prosecution in origin country.

Asylum seeker becomes a refugee when the local immigration authority or refugee authority decides that the candidate fits the international definition of refugee. According to the international law, to become a refugee a person needs to meet the criteria for refugee status regulated by the Article 1 A 2 of the Refugee Convention.

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Under the following article these are three basic characteristics of refugee. First, a person needs to be outside the country of origin or the country of his previous habitual residence. Second, the person is unable to stay safe and protected in that country due to the fear of prosecution or torture.

Eassy on asylum seeker

Third, the fear of being prosecuted is based on at least one of the following reasons: Due to the word count, the term asylum seekers will refer to both asylum seekers and refugees in the following work.Binyam Mohamed, a former UK asylum seeker, admitted to having read the 'instructions' after allegedly being beaten, hung up by his wrists for a week and having a gun held to his head in a Pakistani jail.

Refugees and asylum seekers: Finding a better way Contributions by notable Australians The essays in this volume express the Asylum-seeker drownings on Australia’s border protection watch: An issue of national decency.

Tony Kevin To demonstrate how cases can help students connect theory to practice, the paper presents the treatment of a Central African asylum seeker recovering from trauma.

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Eassy on asylum seeker

This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Why are asylum seekers becoming an issue in australia 1. Introduction The definition for an asylum seeker is someone who has to leave their own country to apply for application to the government of another. The Department of Homeland Security has justified its border crackdown using statistics that show an increase in people entering the US without papers — which includes asylum seekers at ports of.

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