Department of marketing tourism and hospitality essay

The first part is the assessment of the Human Resources HR challenges and issues faced by the hospitality and tourism sector which are; Rapid technological change, Recruitment, high labour turnover and the issue that Human resource Strategic cannot be measured. The second part of the main body of the essay will discuss how both hospitality and tourism sector need an efficient and motivated staff to deliver a high quality service to their customers and who can work together as an effective team. Within this discussion, staff categories basing frontline employees and their importance has been explained, different leadership styles and their roles on overall employees performance, empowerment and the importance of empowering staff, benefit of employee retention and the development of effective teams have been discussed.

Department of marketing tourism and hospitality essay

Hospitality E-tourism or electronic tourism is a part of electronic trade which involves with various technologies including information and communication sector, marketing sector, strategic planning and so forth Waghmode and Jamsandekar, Buhalismentioned, e-tourism is nothing but the digitisation of processes and value chains in travel, tourism, catering and hospitality industry.

It makes the industry more efficient, competitive and reachable to the customers. It brings benefits for both the customers and the business as customers get contemporary service from the organisation where as the business receives maximum customer satisfaction. The policy makers also agreed on this regard saying to give the opportunity to every individual, business and community to join fully in the benefits from the transformations brought by the ICTs Martin, In this essay, the author will evaluate the role of ICT in the small and medium enterprise SME in the hospitality sector from a critical point of view.

A series of logical arguments regarding ICTs impact in this large industry will be raised in the main body of this essay. Here the name of the business is Hoxton Hotel, London. With a proper method he will evaluate the website of the hotel while checking its presence on the social networking sites, Search Engine Optimization SEOuse of mobile technologies and so forth.

There will be discussion on website in the later part. This will be an individual essay however the writer will use others theoretical ideas to enrich his work with proper acknowledgements. However, there is no permanent or universally accepted definition of ICT because of its concepts, applications and methods are changing almost every day Riley, They happen so fast but the better way to think about ICT is to judge all the digital technologies which help personnel, organisations.

Rileyalso mentioned that ICT covers any type of product which electronically may store, retrieve, manipulate, transmit or receive information in digital form such as: The use of ICT is increasing sharply everyday and it will remain the same in future.

The better use of ICT is now a prerequisite of a successful business. Nowadays, most of the organisations have a separate department which belongs to Information and Communication Technology ICT.

Now, to decide an organisation or a business whether it is small or medium the EU sets up two measurements: The organisation categorised in the following way: There are separate figures for the other parts of the world e.

If a small or medium sized business belongs to tourism sector then it is known as SMTE.

Department of marketing tourism and hospitality essay

This hotel is located in Eastern part of London and famous for its outstanding service to the guest. The interior and exterior of the hotel will impress anybody. As a modern boutique hotel, it adopts ICTs in its various operations. In modern days hospitality operations without ICT just cannot be imagined.

ICT revolution in the hospitality industry especially internet has transformed the marketplace more virtual and electronic. It is believed, the increasing use of ICT will enhance the interactivity between the producers and customers resulting improved ability to outclass their traditional competitors and the newcomers Buhalis and Kaldis, Today, because of increasing competition, a business has to come up with more effective strategies.

Consequently, businesses are moving towards information and communication technologies to cope with the unstable business environment.

Moreover, the quick development and commercialization of ICT in travel, tourism and hospitality sector is prompting hotels and other enterprises to adopt these technologies.

It is also believed that ICT will improve the operating efficiencies and will enhance customer satisfaction and reduce costs Law et al, Connolly and Olsen in Shahadev and Islam mentioned that ICT is the greatest single force effecting various changes in the hotel industry.

Buhalis pointed out this particular trend to both rapid advancements in the technology and rising of customer demands who always seek comfortable, specialized and interactive service, product and communication with principals.

Moreover, ICT not only allows the customers to purchase modified tourism and hospitality product but also helping the suppliers by extending, managing and allocating the products without any time boundary and geographical restrictions to help the globalisation.

It also provides a podium to the business to access to the world marketplace Shahadev and Islam, Leung and Law said, modern ICT helps the managers in decision making while supporting their regular operations. Most of the accommodations providers hotel, motel, lodging houses have now introduced self check in and checkout process helping the customers to avoid the queue in the reception.

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Use of keys to enter the room is now old fashion instead outlets are using swipe card. In terms of security, the author of this report believes, the ICT has gone far away.

Few years back, hotels were used to keep security guard in the hotel entrance but because of technological development now there is no need of security guard anymore. Nowadays, hotels are technically equipped in such a way so that the presence any suspicious activity automatically sends message to the local police authority which was used to be done over the telephone few years back Maggio, In addition, Porter stated that ICT pushed businesses to rethink their products, internal process, structure and the relationship with the customer.Essay on Hospitality Industry.

the biggest challenge for Human resource department if there is a shortage of talented employees in human resource department and in the hospitality industry. Therefore, talented human resource.

Tourism and Hospitality Marketing: Case Study on Frequent Flyer Programs. Tourism and Hospitality Essay - According to Horner and Swarbrook () tourism involves travelling or being involved in leisure activities. Also, it should develop new products and services such as: green tourism eco-tourism, health and Spa tourism for existing markets, India, particularly Kerala has successfully done.

SLTPB need to study on all above mentioned segmentation and promote some of them in seriously. It includes the evaluation of the hospitality industry, analyzing and developing marketing plans, and the application of the various promotional strategies and tools to achieve the organization's marketing objectives.

It also covers the department's structure, functions, and responsibilities of key personnel. The Marketing Strrategy Of Thomas Cook Tourism Essay Thomas Cook marketing department: The task of the marketing department is to identify and plan holidays to meet potential clients’ needs and to .

Tourism and Hospitality Essay - According to Horner and Swarbrook () tourism involves travelling or being involved in leisure activities.

Department of marketing tourism and hospitality essay

Hospitality involves friendly treatment of guests or tourists and is a very important sector in the tourism industry (Horner and Swarbrook, ).

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