Coursework info an inspector calls

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Coursework info an inspector calls

This page is for the discussion of this article. Please try to keep it that way: Similar needs to be done in other instances; if we could have seperate articles for each character aswell?

I've also put the information on the CD release in publications so that its grouped with all the other releases. I've pretty much cleaned up the whole mess Ameeromar talk I just came here to get a bit more background information on it for my GCSE coursework and there were an array of mistakes ranging from missed capital letters and sentences that made no sense at all.

Coursework info an inspector calls

To be honest, enough people have had this play ruined for them by the GCSE, and I don't see why that trend should continue here. Can anyone confirm this? Priestly writes with hindsight after the two world wars. This is what is meant by the Inspector's final speech with his reference to 'fire and anguish'.

I did it some years ago at GCSE and to be honest was not inspired, but subsequently having looked at it in the context of Priestly's other plays it is interesting. This article makes it look about as interesting fuck this shit as it appeared to me at GCSE. It really needs some attention - the bit saying that the play uses dramatic devices for example.

Well, I hate to say it, but it is a play, so clearly it's going to employ 'dramatic devices'. That's almost insulting to GCSE students: P I agree though, it really does need beefing out. Wikipedia is about helping people. School is not a good place for the intelligent students to share ideas- but Wikipedia is.

It does not need people like you discouraging edits. In which case, why the bit at the top of the discussion page? Ok, the 'subject' in the sidebar is completely wrong and should be spell-checked or ommitted, the characters are not in order of importance so reading the article makes no sense whatsoever.

The Plot Synopsis is actually not a plot synopsis and is just a random collection of facts about things which happen in the play. All the Inspector Goole theories should either be moved to his character section or to a differnt topic on the page instead of being included in plot synopsis.

General spellchecking is advisable. I am too busy writing an essay about this play right now to actually do much cleaning up. Eva Smith is not killed, she commits suicide.

There is a longstanding debate about just who Inspector Goole is because it is confirmed within the play he is not a real police inspector. Inspector Goole may not even be a real person due to the obvious pun on his name. Do you fancy doing my job for me in return?

But somebody needs to add detail, as it is practically a stub. I'll try and go through them all eventually. I'm one of the latter, and I'm very lucky I didn't stumble across a spoiler which would have rather ruined the ending for me. I'll quickly edit the article and separate out a spoiler if I can.

Ghingo But if you make more than minor edits, it's a good idea to explain why here. Thanks, Ben Aveling The references to "Community" being "Nonsense" recognizes Birling as an ignorant capitalist, whereas Goole [who has "lower" social standing] clearly shows himself as a socialist due to his final speech.

I was changed some spelling eg One underlying theme not mentioned here is the very special type of socialism preached by Priestley.

This is the socialism of the non-conformist chapel. If you have any doubts remember the fire and brimstone of Goole's final speech. Another theme ignored here is the chronology, Priestley apparently deliberately causes Eva to die after Goole has left the house.This article is part of WikiProject Theatre, a WikiProject dedicated to coverage of theatre on Wikipedia.

To participate: Feel free to edit the article attached to this page, join up at the project page, or contribute to the project discussion. Start This article has been rated as Start-Class on the project's quality scale. Mid This article has been rated as Mid-importance on the project's.

"An Inspector Calls" was written in by J.B. This coursework will hope to address issues raised in the play concerning the social structure of the time and how this has been relayed in the play, it hopes to discuss techniques used by Priestley to create dramatic effect and how various themes and messages are brought about by his writing.

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Get the best results here. A secondary school revision resource for GCSE English Literature about the plot, characters and themes in J B Priestley's An Inspector Calls. This is a short SoW planned in preparation for iGCSE English Literature coursework.

Includes many activities and character analysis, and essay preparation exercises. Lacks some detail due to teaching time restraints, but provides a good basis for develop.

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