Business plan catering pdf995

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Business plan catering pdf995

Ironically, the boom that the war ignited, that led to larger food production and The plant had been started in to build a tractor that Henry Ford hoped would help his friend, the American farmer. The tractor sold well and brought prosperity to the tractor plant workers, but the workers faced other problems.

Rents for the few houses in Dearborn were very high, and a general building slump had hit the country as World War I was winding down. Henry Ford also gave three suggestions to the project planners.

First, business plan catering pdf995 group of homes should be sufficiently different in appearance to avoid the thought that they were machine made. Second, that they be of suitable size to accommodate an average family in ample comfort. Third, the best materials be used.

Liebold, shares, and C.

business plan catering pdf995

At the first Board of Directors meeting of the new company, E. Liebold was elected president, Edsel Ford, vice-president, and C.

The company was chartered for 30 years and in fact existed until December 29,when it was dissolved by mutual agreement of the Directors. All assets and property were transferred to the Ford Motor Company and final liquidation occurred August 1, The philosophy of the project was outlined by E.

Liebold in an article in the Detroit Journal, April 11, It is quoted, in part, below: The object is to furnish to the employees a modern type of house, well equipped and tastefully designed, and thus lay the foundations for a large city which Dearborn is confidently expected to become.

The streetcar congestion is one thing. Large numbers of our employees live in Detroit and its suburbs, necessitating a long city and interurban car ride to and from work every day.

No matter how good the streetcar service - and we must acknowledge that the D. Dearborn people see that their town is going to increase immensely and they are holding their property for boom prices.

The fact that property assessments have not been raised encourages them in this policy. For that reason we have been compelled to start the ball rolling ourselves, both the afford our employees suitable dwellings and to protect them from the real estate speculators.

Next year we shall probably erect houses. We will not sell a house to a speculator on any terms. No one will be permitted to buy a house to rent it out. On all houses sold we reserve the right to repurchase within five or seven years at the price originally paid for it.

This is to prevent the houses falling into the hands of real estate exploiters. We have worked with a view to making our streets most attractive. We will not repeat the error of other towns where rows of houses, all looking alike, giving a monotonous tone to the neighborhood.

Our houses are designed with regard to the position they will occupy on the street. They are in the best architectural taste. They offer an attractive variety. They will be modern and homelike in every respect. Our aim has been to take the highest type of homes and redesign them for the use of an average family.

Carpenters, bricklayers, stonemasons, plasterers, and decorators now at work in the factories will be given an opportunity to work outdoors at their trade during the building season, if they wish. This is in accord with Mr.Le Centre de Biologie Médicale vous offre la possibilité de créer votre compte personnel afin d’y rattacher vos comptes rendus ainsi que ceux de vos proches.

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