Azerbaijan bid for 2024 summer olympics essay

It was the first bid by the city to host the Olympic games. Baku was eliminated from the running at the announcement of the Candidate city shortlist on June 4, If Baku had been chosen to host, the games would have been held between July 15 and July 31, The city had become somewhat run down following the chaotic period during which independent Azerbaijan emerged from the former Soviet Union but has been experiencing massive development since a new oil-boom began around

Azerbaijan bid for 2024 summer olympics essay

Countdown[ edit ] Welcoming ceremony began by a flame and an ancient Chinese sundial, awakened by the light of time from the sky, lights up bronze Fou drums. The drums, running like a time machine, form giant digits in both Arabic and Chinese numerals to count down the final seconds to the Games.

Welcoming ceremony — The Song-Fou[ edit ] The drummers play the bronze Fou drums and sing the quote from The Analects of Confucius written years ago: Footprints of History and Olympic Rings[ edit ] The firework footprints were set off at the rate of one every second; each represented one of the 29 Olympiads, signifying the Beijing Olympics as the XXIX Olympiad of the modern era.

Next, the rings were lift up by twenty "Dunhuang fairies" Buddhist apsaras of the Mogao Caves. National flag-raising ceremony[ edit ] China's national flag carried into the National Stadium Attention was then turned to 56 young children representing the 56 ethnic groups of modern Chinaand donning respective costumes.

The flag of the People's Republic of China was then handed over to eight well-dressed People's Liberation Army soldiers who carried the flag in a slow, goose-stepping march over to the flag podium and the Chinese national anthem " March of the Volunteers " was sung by a member choir while the flag was raised.

The Artistic section tells about China's history and art. Includes the historic scroll painting And the bamboo books and bird 1. Scroll Painting[ edit ] Dancers painting on the scroll The disciples of Confucius chanted a famous quote from the Analectstranslated as "All those within the four seas can be considered his brothers".

Ceramicsporcelain vessels and other Chinese fine arts artifacts were beamed on a giant LED scrollrepresenting the first of the Four Great Inventions of China, paper, and displaying animated graphics, slowly unfurling. At its center was a piece of white canvas paper, which then ushered in a performance of black-costumed dancers whose hands hid brushes that had been dipped in ink.

They performed a dance while leaving their trails on the block of white paper, reminiscent of Chinese ink and wash painting.

Azerbaijan bid for 2024 summer olympics essay

The character was shown, consecutively, in bronze inscriptionSeal script and KaisScript Modern Chinese script. Performers in Zhou -era clothing representing the " Disciples of Confucius ", carrying bamboo slipsrecited excerpts from the Analects: The blocks changed into a small version of the Great Wallwhich then sprouted peach blossoms, the Chinese symbol for openness.

Opera[ edit ] The next segment saw ancient terracotta soldiers and Chinese opera[27] followed by a Beijing opera puppetry performance.

Bids for the and Summer Olympics - Wikipedia

The Wusheng type of Beijing opera performers was also enacted. Silk Road[ edit ].The Summer Olympics opening ceremony was held at the Beijing National Stadium, also known as the Bird's began at China Standard Time on Friday, 8 August , as the number 8 is considered to be auspicious.

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Summer Olympics opening ceremony - Wikipedia A scene from the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles As mandated by the Olympic Charter, various elements frame the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Greece is traditionally the first nation to enter in order to honor the origins of the Olympics.
In November, Hidalgo had expressed concerns about the possibility of white elephants if France hosted the Games; that new, expensive facilities built would lose their value. But in February, she warmed to the idea of a bid as she welcomed the results of a feasibility study during a ceremony at city hall.

The number 8 is associated with prosperity and confidence in Chinese culture. The artistic part of the ceremony comprised two parts titled "Brilliant Civilization" and. PARIS -- Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo sounds increasingly positive about a Paris bid for the Summer Olympics.

"Now we're in the process of being able to take on this bid," Hidalgo said Thursday. San Antonio, TX Bid for Summer Olympic Games Prepare a Summer Olympic Games bid for San Antonio, TX. The assignment must be presented as a PowerPoint.

You must provide a visually pleasing presentation which provides an adequate description . The Budapest bid for the Summer Olympics and Summer Paralympics was announced by the Hungarian Olympic Committee (Hungarian: Magyar Olimpiai Bizottság, MOB) on 11 November , although organisers had been planning a bid since NOC: Hungarian Olympic Committee (MOB).

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Paris mayor sounds positive about bid for Olympics