A description of a very good dance

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A description of a very good dance

If you been to a Barn Dance You could run into a wilder side English Ceilidh; or dances full of people in kilts; or check shirts and cowboy hats. You might have been at a wedding, been dragged to a charity fundraiser, know the organiser in the PTA or local folk club.

The Band might have been playing fiddles, guitars, squeezeboxes, saxophones or hurdygurdies and turning out Jigs and Reels, Country, Bluegrass, Rock and Roll, Heavy Metal. It can be a mix Errrr What is a Barn Dance?

They are first and foremost social dances. The dances can be done without having to learn particular steps or without having to remember complex sequences of instructions. There is a large range of dances done but it is normal that instructions or reminders are called out as part of the dance.

Where are things happening? For England and Wales, have a look at the mapthis would help you find events in your area.

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And what are the different possibilities? There are no end of different names used to try to capture the range of different styles. The atmosphere will be different at a dance series or festival event.

All have a caller who announces and talks you through the dance. You might find that Scottish Ceilidhs have an MC who just announces the common dances and lets you get on with it.

Ladies Belly Dance Skirt Triple Chiffon Dance, Grün: Sports & Outdoors

People south of the border need more help: If you visit a Folk Dance or English Country Dance group you will find the dances are likely to be more complex even though they are also nearly always explained beforehand. Yes, indeed, or anything in between. You will find high energy, hot, sweaty dances.

These are often flagged with the English Ceilidh label south of the border but both English and Scottish Ceilidhs can look to an observer like those cartoon clouds of dust with random limbs sticking out. They can be robust, energetic, exhausting Who are you going to call?

A description of a very good dance

A good Barn Dance caller has the ability to encourage reluctant dancers onto the floor, help them through the evening with matter-of-fact explanations and minimum of jargon. A good English Country Dance, or social dance, caller knows a wide range of dances inside out and can choose ones to challenge even the most accomplished dancers.

A good English Ceilidh caller can put together an evening of simple and high energy dances with good matching of tunes and dances.Nothing wins over the general public like a good old dance fad. Without them, wedding receptions, 50th birthday parties, and definitely the office Christmas shindig, would be infinitely more boring.

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